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This website is a space to express myself. I named this site “en plads” from Danish word which means “a place” and “a space”. Denmark is my favourite country. I like coffee, music, art, drawing and travel. I love travel abroad and to meet many different people. But why Denmark is the best? The reason is explained in the following part.

I share my photos from my travel abroad and my life in Japan here.

For my drawings, here.

About Me

Ryoko Kamimura

Born in Tokyo. A Japanese who has loved Denmark for over 20 years. 

In 1998, I visited Denmark for the first time when I was 14 years old as a member of an international exchange program. It was my first trip abroad and I fell in love with Denmark at first sight. Everything was so impressive. The buildings, designs, foods, school environment, the atmosphere around Danish people etc. The relationships between students and teachers were casual and friendly. Danish language sounded lovely and I liked to see that they talked and laughed each other. My staying at that time was only about one week. I met really kind and friendly people with big smiles there and experienced many new things that was totally different from Japanese culture. I thought that I would love to go back to Denmark one day again in the future, soon after when I went home.

However, that future did not come to me so soon in my real life in Japan. Although I was always thinking about Denmark. I graduated junior high school, high school and then, just before I graduated university I finally travelled to Denmark with my friends. It was 2007. 10 years had passed since before. It was also short trip. We could stay only for several days. So I decided to live in Denmark after I worked in Japan for a few years.

In 2010, I finally lived in Denmark from January to August. Still it was a short period but I stayed at a folkehøjskole, Danish folk high school for the first 5 months and then rented a room for 3 months. I learned a lot of things, such as, how to think and act by myself, how to enjoy my own life, how much important to build good relationships with people, etc. My English skill was beginner of beginner as well as my Danish at that time. So it was very hard to act and say as I thought in front of people. During my travel around Europe after I left Denmark, I realized there were so many things that I have to improve on. Why didn’t I say that and why didn’t I do that, something like that. I have had the feelings still now. I would like to try to restart my life in Denmark in a better way. It is not so easy for me to decide it when I live in my country but I know I should make my own life by myself whatever people say.

Now in 2020, it is very difficult time all over the world. Even though it will take a lot of time to make my dream happen, I will not give it up. I would love to know about Denmark more.



1998 Visited Denmark for the first time as a member of international exchange program (The program made Gladsaxe in Denmark and Taito in Japan a sister city in 2000)

2010 Odder folkehøjskole (Main classes I took : Drawing and graphic, Painting and art history, Danish culture, Danish Language)

2007 , 2013 , 2018 , 2019 , 2020  Travelled in Denmark


2013-2014 Tour Leader Assistant of Tokyo tour for Danish, Swedish, Norwegian people (Albatros travel)

2013 Joined Postcard Contest Exhibition at Shimokita Art Space in Tokyo to exhibit my postcards of Denmark and other Europe countries view.

2017 Started to create a little news paper “Så Godt!” * to write and share my experience and curious about Denmark (only written in Japanese)

2017 Started as a editor of email newsletter for Danish language learners (issued by Polyglot Co.,Ltd in Japanese) 

2019 Collaborated with Japanese film distributer to advertise Danish movie “Adams Æbler / Adam’s Apples” in Japan(Collected information written in Danish and translated to Japanese language, provided illustration related the movie)

2019 Collaborated with Tokyo International Film Festival. (Checked the accuracy of the personal names’ spelling in Japanese translated from Danish for Danish movie “Onkel / Uncle”)

*The little news paper “Så Godt!” written in Japanese only. However everyone can take a look it from here or here.


Email : contact@enplads.com

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